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IC-MS based Metabolite Analysis

Untargeted metabolic profiling via IC-high resolution MS

A common feature among metabolites of high turnover pathways such as the Calvin-Benson-Bassham cycle, the pentose phosphate pathway or glycolysis is the energy rich and negatively charged phosphoryl group. Anion chromatography is therefore a suitable tool to investigate these pathways and gives access to sugar-phosphates, nucleotides and phosphorylated and un-phosphorylated organic acids. In combination with high resolution mass spectrometry based on Orbitrap-technology this approach allows to investigate the chemical sum composition for unambiguous compound identification and potential unknown metabolite screening. Moreover, the untargeted MS2 information for database matching and further structural investigations enhances the compound identification efficiency. Ultimately, the high resolution delivers highly accurate isotope distribution information, perfectly suited for stable isotope labelling approaches and isotopologue profiling studies.